$100 Video

product and service review

Make a Product Review Video for $100

For Pillkings Customers Only - No Limit

If you bought any products from Pillkings Online Store, and can make a good quality video, So you can win $100 instantly


  • For PillKings Customers Only
  • Male or Female customers
  • Bought an item from Pillkings Online Store
  • Can have the product in hand while shooting a video
  • Review the product and Pillkings service in min 30 sec.
  • Make sure that voice is clear and there is enough light.
  • make sure that video is min width is 640 x 360 px.
  • Make sure you do not use bad words in your video
  • Email us your video or upload it on the internet and send us the link
  • Make sure you do not upload it on youtube or other social media
  • If approved we'll upload it to Pillkings Youtube Channel
  • Once you see it on our Youtube Channel, you will receive $100
  • $100 will be added to your store credit

Frequently Asked a Question:

Q- Is There any limits for making videos?
A- Absolutely No - make video as much as you want.

Q- Can my Boy friend join me on the same video?
A- Yes this will be amazing.

Q- I am not your customer yet and have videos ready to send, will you accept them?
A- Sorry, this offer is for Pillkings customers who bought recently some products and are able to make a review video.

Q- Do you want me to talk about Pillkings as well?
A- Sure why not? We always do our best to satisfy everyone, and will be happy to hear your feedback about our company and our staff.

Q- Is it guarantee that you will pay me $100 when I send you my video?
A- If the video is clear and have the product in your hands and talk about the product and pillkings, and the video is in good quality, so its guarantee that you will receive the prize right away.


Once you received your money in your account, the video will become a Pillkings property and you are not allowed to duplicate it or upload it on any social media website or distribute it via email or similar.